The Battle for One Elect

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Release Date: 2011-05-24

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The Battle for One Elect

By Dr. Simon Hezekiah Kohein

Consumer Copy

The creature Satan has declared War on Almighty God. We are the prize. The evil one honors no convention; he wants you in Hell. Our Sovereign Father has provided for our free will and will not break integrity. Who is making decisions? Who is our defender? Dr. Kohein was born in Israel in 1944. This is his life in his own words as he eloquently shares with his deceased wife. There are no visions, no appearances of angels, no blinding lights, and no audible words spoken from heaven as the intense battle for his soul ensues. Dr. Kohein intimately demonstrates how God allows, even ordains, the enemy's severe assaults as those most precious are ripped away through death, birth, betrayal, spiritual wickedness, demon inspired false teachings.... Dr. Kohein is humbled into knowing that he is unable to recover from these wrongs. How should he respond?

Herein is hope. These are words to remember – you'll be moved throughout the entire letter. This story will haunt you. Stay awake. The Holy One is even now gathering us to himself.

Men and women can endure any amount of suffering so long as they know the why to their existence. —Nietzsche

No trouble comes to us without Divine permission. —Charles Haddon Spurgeon

...we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose... —The Apostle

Loved ones ... Jesus is the only Light. He is the Truth, the guardian of our souls, and the way home. We are like sparkling flowers, a short time here, as if in a flame, and we'll all be home in time for dinner. —Simon