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A few titles just released

  • La Mariposa Federico

    La Mariposa Federico
    by Karen Ann Smythe

    "This simple and heartwarming story celebrates the wonders of nature, inspiring children (and adults) to embrace life and to live in harmony with all of God\'s creation. "

    $9.99 (paperback)

  • Tight Cinches and Short Grass

    Tight Cinches and Short Grass
    by Clint Goodwin

    "Russell Clint Goodwin has rounded up these good ole days in Tight Cinches and Short Grass, a collection of fascinating and humorous stories depicting the lives and experiences of cow drovers, both on and off the job. "

    $10.99 (paperback)

    $9.99 (digital download)

  • And Can It Be

    And Can It Be
    Songs Of The Heart Series I
    by Norma Vaughn Danzey

    "And It Can Be was inspired by the great old hymn written by Charles Wesley."

    $18.99 (paperback)

  • Growing Up in Mississippi

    Growing Up in Mississippi
    by Bertha M. Davis

    "Growing Up in Mississippi is a vivid and descriptive biography that grips at the very core of every human emotion as memoirs of growing up in somewhat painfully poor social conditions in Mississippi do not deter the family, but bond them together with the unified strength and triumph most prevalent in top movies like Soul Food, or even to overcome travesties as in The Color Purple."

    $14.99 (paperback)

    $10.99 (digital download)

  • Not In My Church
    Demby's Playful Parables
    by Kyri Demby

    "Get that thang out of here! That doesn't belong in the church!"

    $17.99 (paperback)

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