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A few titles just released

  • Spoiled

    by Shantina Wilson

    "With a spoiled rich woman and a hardworking man, will their paths cross and make them realize love is possible, or will money be the root of evil in their life?"

    $30.99 (paperback)

    $15.99 (digital download)

  • Labour Pains: A Biblical Perspective of God's Destiny for Your Life

    Labour Pains: A Biblical Perspective of God's Destiny for Your Life
    Second Edition
    by Kay Blugh Gaymes

    " Labour Pains' is written as a guideline giving a clear and concise Biblical view of how you can achieve God's destiny and purpose for your life."

    $15.99 (paperback)

    $13.99 (digital download)

  • The Princess  and  the Ugly Mirror

    The Princess and the Ugly Mirror
    by Ty Warren

    "Sometimes beauty is most obvious in the least expected places."

    $9.99 (paperback)

    $7.99 (digital download)

  •  Livin On A Prayer

    Livin On A Prayer
    Something to Believe In
    by Teresa Sheppard

    "Are you sick of them? They make me sick! They think they are the Sin Police. Whatever! What are you going to do arrest me and send me to hell?"

    $9.99 (paperback)

    $8.99 (digital download)

  • Lineus Longissimus

    Lineus Longissimus
    by Thecla Abbiati

    "Imagine looking for your teddy bear at night and, instead seeing a very thin, worm-like creature, nearly two hundred feet long staring back at you!"

    $11.99 (paperback)

    $7.99 (digital download)

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