Transition Information Center

As of January 17, 2017, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC and its subisidiaries have suspended publishing operations, and stopped accepting new authors and artists.

Our primary commitment at this time is to find a new home for all authors and artists we represent, and ensure that each one has the best possible opportunity for success.

For more information on how this transition affects you, please click the button below that best describes your situation.

I am a prospective client, not yet under contract »
Prospective clients are individuals who have requested information and/or submitted a manuscript or demo for consideration, but have not signed a contract.

I am a current client of Tate Publishing »
Current clients include any individual under contract for services, including titles in production and in marketing.

I am/represent a vendor or service provider »
Vendors and service providers include any non-employee individual or organization that provides services to Tate or its subsidiaries.